Everyone is born free with natural, inalienable rights. But, not everyone knows them. Not knowing they have rights, they do not claim them for themselves. Here at the Geneva Office for Human Rights Education, we not only promote and protect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but we also facilitate the teaching of these rights to children and youth. We want to make teaching human rights to children a clear and achievable activity. Please have a look at our Colega® instruction course and other online materials. They are freely available, in many languages and for primary as well as secondary school-age children.

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  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is unquestionably a landmark in the history of moral consciousness, one of the factors that have consistently given hope and purpose to human life throughout the globe sin...

  • Most proselyting Christian religions invest heavily in the defense and promotion of┬áreligious freedom even though there is scant evidence that its presence or absence┬ámaterially affects the success of their missio...

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