Why human rights and citizenship education are crucial

A screenshot of a news report titled "Human rights and citizenship education crucial to harmony in democratic societies"

Why human rights and citizenship education are crucial

Education International’s Deputy General Secretary, Haldis Holst, spoke about the importance of human rights and citizenship education in democratic societies.

“Holst reminded that the 1966 International Labour Organisation (ILO)/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers shows that the United Nations (UN) recognised the importance of educators in building societies – teaching is the only profession that has a UN-based recommendation. In that international instrument, the purpose of the teaching profession is to contribute to the development of human rights education, she said.

“Education is a right for all in society and goes hand-in-hand with democracy – it is about ‘educating the whole human being, not just future workers, but the empowerment of individuals’.”

By Education International

Read whole article here: https://www.ei-ie.org/en/detail/15193/human-rights-and-citizenship-education-crucial-to-harmony-in-democratic-societies