Selected HRE Review Articles

Selected HRE Review Articles

1. International Human Rights and International Education
Washington, DC: U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
Buergenthal, Thomas and Torney, Judith V. (1976)

2. Human Rights and Education Viewed in a Comparative Framework: Synthesis and Conclusions
New York: Pergamon. In Human Rights and Education, eds Norma Tarrow
Torney, Judith V. (1987)

3. Human Rights Education for the Twenty-first Century
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press
Andreopoulos, George and Claude, Richard P. eds (1997)

4. Education Professionals and the Construction of Human Rights Education
Comparative Education Review 51 (1): 48 – 70
Suarez, David (2007)

5. Inter-American Report on Human Rights Education: A study of 19 Countries
Pt. 1, Normative Development (2002)
San Jose, Costa Rica: IIDH (International Institute of Human Rights)

6. Summary of National Initiatives Undertaken Within the Decade for Human Rights Education, 1995-2004
UNHCHR (UN High Commission for Human Rights) (2005)

7. Human Rights and Citizenship: The Emergence of Human Rights Education
Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, Stanford Institute for International Studies (
Number 12)
Suarez, David and Ramirez, Francisco (2004)