Graphic Resources

Colega and GO-HRE graphic assets are available for download below.
Please contact us via email if you have questions or need additional assets,
or require a different translation of any of the materials on this page.

GO-HRE and Colega Style Guide
The Style Guide has been provided to ensure we create a
unified look and feel across all of our materials, and that our brand
is represented consistently. Please reference this guide when
creating new materials for your country or language.

GO-HRE and Colega Logos
Logos have been provided in three standard formats: JPEG, PNG
and PDF. PDF and JPEG logos should be used for print and PNG
logos are for use in web applications.

Font – Montserrat
Using the same font helps keep our materials looking consistent
and is a key component in our branding.


Colega Manual Cover Art
Print ready and image files of the cover art in several languages
are available here. Please contact us directly if you need
translations or changes specific to your language or country.


Download Print Ready Cover Art                    Download Cover Art Images

Trifold Brochures
Promotional trifold brochures have been set up in several
languages and are available here. Please contact us directly if you
need additional changes specific to your language or country.
Additional versions of the trifold will be made available as they
are created.

Powerpoint Welcome Title Slides
This presentation slide has been provided in several languages.
These can be used as an opening graphic for presentations or
training sessions.