Human rights belong to everyone equally. This site, its resources, our organization, and everything we offer is for you—teachers, facilitators, and students. We call our curriculum Colega, meaning your friend and partner in teaching and learning about human rights.  Through human rights education, Colega can help you develop the knowledge, skills and commitment necessary for promoting equality, dignity, kindness, and respect in your own community and throughout the world.


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Training for Fiji

Learn why Colega was created, what others are saying about its educational benefits and its carefully developed materials and resources. Receive an introduction to Colega’s teaching principles, lesson organization and how students will learn about their rights and responsibilities.

Learn about the Six Components of Each Colega Lesson with examples of each component. Understand the principles that make Colega work. Receive a tour of the GO-HRE.ORG website and how to locate lesson materials, videos and other resources.

Learn the importance of preparing a lesson using the Six Components of Each Colega Lesson.  See more examples of lesson components.  Actually prepare a lesson and present it to a group.  Learn more about the document, “What Makes Colega Work?”.