Fortifying Families Webinar Series

A screenshot from a Zoom call by the Fortifying Families Webinar Series

Fortifying Families Webinar Series

Families and Freedom of Religion or Belief
Fortifying Families Webinar Series
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19 January | Families and Domestic Violence

2 February | Families during Humanitarian Crises
16 February | Families and Safer Media

…and more to come!

All our episodes air at 3:30 p.m. (Brussels) / 9:30 a.m. (New York)
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Episode 5
Families and Education
Leslie Goldman shared some innovative approaches that have emerged due to Covid. >> Read & Watch
Episode 4
Stengthening Fatherhood
The focus of parenting has traditionally fallen to mothers. This week’s episode focused on the role of fathers in the home. >> Read & Watch
Episode 3
Families and Human Rights
Professor Heiner Bielefeldt and Heiner Handschin explored the link between families and human rights.
>> Read & Watch
Episode 2
Families and the Economy
Our distinguished panelists explored how strong families contribute to strong economies.
>> Read & Watch
Episode 1
International Organizations and the Family
Our panelists laid a positive, forward-thinking foundation for future discussions in the series. >> Read & Watch