Live Training Slide Deck

Presentation Instructions:

  1.  Before you begin, download and print this outline for this slide deck.  The outline provides suggested text for each slide.
  2.  Move to the next or previous slide by clicking on the Right or Left arrows at the top of each slide.
  3.  To change this screen to full screen mode, press F11 on a PC or FN+F on a Mac computer (this cleans up the screen for a more professional presentation).
  4.  To begin with the first slide, click on the Right arrow on the top of this slide.

Zoom Instructions:

  1.  Make sure audio is unmuted (see bottom left of screen).
  2.  Turn off the video (see bottom left of screen) while getting the presentation ready.
  3.  Click on Share Screen button at the bottom of the screen (you must be the meeting host to do this).
  4.  Make sure both optimization boxes are checked if you plan to show videos.
  5.  Click on the Share button.
  6.  Start the presentation as instructed above and advance to the first slide.
  7.  Turn on the video and begin the presentation.